maandag 30 juli 2012

Little Busters Trailer + Controversial Topics

 "What is your adolecence?"

"Do you remember childhood?"

Game producers "Key" after the success of many titles, (Clannad,After Story,Angel Beats,Air and Kannon 2006.) a new game hit the market and sold out in almost all Akihabara the day it went on sale, ladies and gentlemen, "Little Busters" is the title of the new, probably, hit anime that will launch in October.

JC Staff has the honour of animating the game, which has caused some contreversary, JC Staff has been responsible for titles as Shakugan No Shana, formerly KyoAni did all the Key productions, but due them working on another anime, they refused to do it.

woensdag 25 juli 2012

Theme Of Incest In Anime/Manga

(Banned by the Japan Health & Care due explit scenes)
Today, the theme of "Incest/forbidden love" is popular among otaku culture, often this is also represented as comedy, (Ouran HSHC,KissxSis,) in others, it is its main theme, (KoiKaze, Angel Sanctuary etc) but, for the most part, incest is JUST a theme in the series, (Vampire Knight,Ore no imouto ga nai, Elfen Lied,Loveless,Caged Bird) 

Lets track this theme down where it all started, the 80` breaking hit borderline hentai anime, "Cream Lemon"

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Review #3 Peach Girl

I have ordered the first three volumes, wondering if its anything like the anime, its a shoujo, and a clichè one at that, its also the one shoujo that got me into this genre.
Miwa-san is very good at expressing teen angst, love triangles and misjudgement, too bad she is also very good at making the characters very hateable.

With one clichè character after another, the serie still captures your attention and doesnt let go.

Review #2 Kuroshitsuji ||

You probably know I am a huge Kuros fangirl, it has dark fantasy,humor, adorable butlers, crossdressing-bisexual shinigami and undertakers who love jokes.

After the succes of season 1, they give us a second season, this time following Alois Trancy, and his butler, Claude Faustus.

This is one of those animes you simply HAVE to watch till the end wether you like it or not, and once you finish it you look back, dazed and wondering what the hell you just witnessed.

Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist 2012 Movie Announced

Title,official release date and further information is unknown.

The plot is continuation of the anime series, earlier this year a live action theather show played in Japan, watch teaser here.

Short post, I just dont like Blue Exorcist, that`s all.

I dont like dark shonen, Soul Eater,Blue Exorcist, no thank you, give me REAL dark anime, Mirai Nikki,Dead Man Wonderand, Black Butler, Hell Girl.